Corporate Trainings

Auditing ESG

This training focuses on Auditing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices, a pivotal step in developing a robust ESG strategy. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the ESG framework and its role in holistic risk management. Moreover, they will acquire the skills needed to conduct effective ESG audits. High-quality ESG reporting relies on accurate and consistent data, forming the bedrock of operational controls that showcase a company's ESG efforts, financial implications, and value creation. Auditors play a crucial role in ensuring data accuracy and preventing misrepresentation.

ESG Guidance for Banks and Other Financial Markets

Explore our interactive training program, designed to achieve three objectives: First, gain an introductory understanding of the ESG framework's role in risk management. Second, acquire the knowledge to leverage ESG insights for enhanced due diligence and investment decisions. Third, grasp the significance of ESG for banks, ensuring compliance with emerging regulations while safeguarding their vital interests under this new paradigm. ESG criteria are vital tools for investors and bankers to navigate financial risks stemming from subpar environmental practices.

Digital Lean Factory

Unlock operational excellence with our 2-day Digital Lean Factory masterclass. Explore 6 transformative modules; Building Your Strategic Framework - Lay the foundation for your digital journey, Finding the Brilliance Pathway - Discover the optimal route to operational brilliance, Activating the Right Artistry - Harness creativity and innovation in your processes, Embracing the New - Adapt to emerging technologies and trends, Leading an Intellectual Agile Transformation - Foster agility and intellectual growth, Where You Are? Leading a Smart Connected Digital Factory - Navigate the landscape of smart, connected manufacturing.

Circular Textile, Design & Sustainability

Embrace transformative change in the Textile & Apparel industry with our 2-day Circular Economy Masterclass. Explore strategies to navigate disruption, enhance resilience, and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Learn from leaders who have successfully implemented circular economy initiatives across diverse departments, from design to supply chain management. Discover how a circular approach can drive innovation, address climate change, and foster collaboration.

Future Warehouse & Logistics

The Future Warehouse & Logistics masterclass is thematically curated to gain insights into building resilient supply chains. Explore strategies to address disruptions, enhance sustainability, and harness the power of IoT and automation. Learn about workforce management, data analysis, and predictive tools to optimize your supply chain operations. This training offers valuable insights, opportunities, and solutions for leaders in supply chain, warehouse, and logistics management, ensuring excellence in delivery.

Driving Net-Zero Industry Transformation: from Plan to Action

The Driving Net-Zero Industry Transformation masterclass is thematically curated to learn how to create an end-to-end sustainable strategy and transition to carbon neutrality. Explore innovative approaches and practical solutions for agile, circular, and resilient operations. Gain insights into aligning company culture, digitalization, and roadmap prioritization for a more sustainable future.