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Virtual Event

EVENT OVERVIEW As technological advances continue, streamlining industrial manufacturing processes and production allows manufacturers to work in ways they could never imagine. Data is the new gold for manufacturers and the applications are nearly endless. This begs the question; How will Textile & Apparel manufacturers tackle the challenges of tomorrow with data and emerging technologies to stay…

2nd Annual Circular Textile, Design & Sustainability Forum 2022

Virtual Event

EVENT OVERVIEW   This time of unprecedented challenges requires systemic solutions and radical new ways of doing business. Circularity isn’t just another sustainability framework — it’s an emerging strategy that enables companies to navigate disruption, increase resilience, respond to shifting consumer demand, and unlock new business opportunities. The shift to the circular economy, designed on re-use and…

“Global Smart Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 Forum” 2023


EVENT OVERVIEW   CenBiz Global Inc. takes great pride in organizing a world-class manufacturing event “Global Smart Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 Forum”. This event will illustrate the latest manufacturing case studies, explore enterprise transformation, and showcase future innovations – hence a perfect platform for those involved in the manufacturing industry from all sectors. Rapid technology changes and…