Matchup Forum

Event Overview

CenBiz Global takes its first dive into the startup ecosystem ocean and introduces Matchup Forum. As the name suggests, the upcoming event is aimed at the ever-thriving and rapidly advancing startup ecosystem. The Middle East success story needs no pitching to investors, being well-established over the past decade, but the fast-changing global macroeconomic realities, technological disruptions and geostrategic alignments make the investment calls trickier than ever before. Here is where CenBiz Global aims to streamline the entire chain – from the startups to the investors and from the advisors to the legal fraternity.

The event’s core theme is EFFICIENCY – throughout the chain. We have enough anecdotes suggesting everybody in the ecosystem needs to cut some slack. Listen to experts from around the world and from within the region on what is changing and what is not, how to pitch and how not to pitch, expectations, material generation, timelines, domiciliation, term sheets – and any other everyday issue startups and investors come across will be put on the table, with the sole aim of cutting the slack and arriving at optimal decisions.

Who should attend?

  • A Venture Capital
  • An Angel Investor
  • A Private Equity Firm
  • An Incubator
  • An Accelerator
  • A Family Investment Office
  • A Startup Looking to Scale Up Operations
  • A Fully Grown Company Looking for Exit
  • A Transaction Advisory Firm
  • A Corporate Law Firm
  • A UAE Based Incorporation/Domiciliation Consultancy Firm

Take a 2-Day Deep Dive Into Actionable Insights & Connections

It will not be all talk and no action in Dubai this September. We promise a lot of action on the networking front with investors from around the world lined up to hear from the founders. We will be having a day-long matchup exercise. Investors will be matched with startups based on their preferred verticals and growth stages. Startups will be offered direct pitches to a minimum of ten carefully chosen investors in exclusive 25-minute slots for each pitch.

There will be dedicated space for advisory firms on legal, transaction and domiciliation fronts, with possible matchups based on interest alignment. We are expecting with more than 100+ founders, 150+ investors, and a dozen enablers from the advisory side to grace the Matchup Forum this September.

Benefits of Attending Cenbiz Global Conference Includes:

  • Providing the customer with maximum satisfaction, creating a process with minimal waste in design and sustainability
  • Implementing unique lean methods and applications that are necessary in mixed model plants
  • Fostering the leadership techniques necessary to actively drive change and lean initiatives
  • Creating tangible and sustainable benefits from your know-how of efficient procedures
  • Exploring the importance of value stream identification and mapping to increase efficiency in your plant
  • Adapting specific tools for high-mix, low-volume to improve your operations at a quicker pace
  • Implementing different planning and management techniques depending on your production type and volume