Mega Infrastructure Strategy Summit

Across Asia, the ASEAN countries presents the biggest challenge and immense need for large-scale infrastructure projects. In marking its 50th anniversary, ASEAN pledges to double infrastructure investments to more than US$700 billion in a five-year span to improve connectivity, enhance trade, drive sustainable economic growth and generate improvements in living standards.

A strong collaboration between policy makers and the leaders of the public and private sectors is critical to improving the governance, provision and procurement of large-scale infrastructure projects. This year’s summit will dive deep on the 4 stages of the Project Value Chain: Planning, Financing, Building, and Operating major projects.

Seizing the Digital Opportunity In staying up to date, this summit will further explore the critical levers for improving infrastructure project delivery adopting new innovations and digital transformation tools to improve the current processes, capabilities and operations to capture the benefits of digitization, automation and analytics for major infrastructure projects.

Join us on this 3 Day Journey to shape the future infrastructure: Learn, Exchange Ideas & Network!

This dynamic event gathers some of the nation’s leading multi stakeholders- governments, policymakers, businesses and private sector decision makers in ensuring high quality discussion through Keynotes, High Level Panel Discussion, Best Practice Sharing, exploring major projects across jurisdictions and new investment opportunities, as well as how the infrastructure market is impacted by global and domestic trends. Join the Exclusive 3rd Day Workshop on Building Resilient PPPs for s Sustainable Future, with interactive exercises and actionable framework.

Who should attend?

Presidents, C-Suits (CEO, CFO, COO, CRO), VP’s, Heads, Directors, Senior Officers, Mangers, Ministers, Director Generals, Government officials from:

  • Governments and Agencies
  • PPP Units
  • Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Project Owners and Operators
  • Developers & Construction Companies
  • EPC Contractors
  • Infrastructure investors
  • Institutional Investors – Pension & Sovereign funds
  • PE Firms
  • Global and regional lenders
  • Legal firms
  • Multilaterals
  • Large scale Investment Firms
  • Assets Management Firms


  • Future Infrastructure Market Outlook: Demand, Developments and Key Drivers
  • National Infrastructure Vision Highlights – Opportunities and Challenges Across the Regions
  • Ensuring Good Infrastructure Governance & Legal Structure Are in Place
  • Staying Interconnected & Interdependent: Breaking Down Barriers for Cross Border Infrastructure Finance
  • Diving Deep on the Best Practice for PPP Procurement
  • Gaining Investor Confidence: What Do Investor Actually Look For?
  • Enhancing the Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Framework to Better Support the PPP Model
  • Promoting the Integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Principles in Infrastructure Investments in Emerging Asia
  • Emerging Trends: New Models for Financing Infrastructure Investment
  • Matching the Investment Demands of Institutional Investors and Long-Term Infrastructure Assets
  • Effective PPP Stakeholder Engagement and Communication