Circular Textile, Design & Sustainability Forum

Event Overview:

This time of unprecedented challenges requires systemic solutions and radical new ways of doing business. Circularity isn’t just another sustainability framework — it’s an emerging strategy that enables companies to navigate disruption, increase resilience, respond to shifting consumer demand, and unlock new business opportunities.

The shift to the circular economy, designed on re-use and minimization of waste has been a focal point for the textile industry for several years now. Many factories have embraced it at the core of their long-term sustainability strategies. Therefore, a business as usual is no longer an option and companies are taking action in steering business to a new and sustainable paradigm.

It’s time for transformative change — and the circular economy is key to a just, resilient, and prosperous world. To meet this critical moment, forward-thinking leaders are embracing circular principles to spur innovation, confront climate change, respond to shifting customer demand, and collaborate across the value chain.

In the 2nd annual Circular Textile, Design & Sustainability forum, hear from leaders that have established comprehensive circular economy strategies which touch on diverse departments from design to supply chain management to marketing. Learn how they effectively generated buy-in and implemented these initiatives across their organizations.

Why you cannot miss the event?

The 2024 Circular Textile, Design & Sustainability forum offers an unparalleled opportunity to EXPLORE emerging trends and opportunities in sustainability, CONNECT with a diverse group of change-makers from around the globe and LEARN from experts on today’s most pressing sustainability topics.

The 2 days virtual conference along with a half-day workshop will bring together leading manufacturers, brands, policymakers, and industry leaders around the world to address how the textile & apparel sector can adapt practices to deliver on growing stakeholder expectations.

This forum is the place to be for all industry stakeholders who wish to see, hear and learn about the current status of sustainability & technology developments and how they can empower real innovation and change processes in fashion and textiles. 

The forum will equip delegates with the best practice and guidance to transform factories, engage consumers, drive circularity and reduce climate impacts across the textile & apparel supply chains by bringing into discussion the leading practices to improve environmental sustainability performance.

Join us to gain actionable insights and solutions through real-time practical case studies and discussions to help navigate your sustainability journey!

Who should attend?

Business Leader & C Suite including Managing Directors, Directors, Executive Directors, CEOs, COOs, CSOs

  • Sustainability Leaders
  • Circular Economy and Circularity Leaders
  • Design, Creative and Circular Design Executives
  • CSR, EHS, Compliance Executives
  • Environment & Climate Change Leaders
  • Research & Development, Product Design & Development Executives
  • Marketing, Branding, Communications & Community Engagement professionals
  • Charities and organizations with an interest in sustainability issues
  • Sustainability and climate academics e.g. researchers and professors


  • Optimizing sustainability with certified cottonized hemp
  • Re-generative is based on the combination of economy and ecology
  • Redesigning the future of fashion – the journey to circularity always begins with design
  • Transition towards a net-positive, regenerative business model
  • Driving climate goals – textile manufacturing in the new climate economy
  • Circular textile industry – challenges, barriers & the road ahead
  • Tracing recycled denim from waste to finished garment and beyond
  • Scaling up textile-to-textile recycling
  • New manufacturing methods – thriving a better fashion industry
  • Unleashing the power of digital 3D design to augment zero-waste manufacturing
  • Design is beggar than you think – shifting linear systems into circular systems 

Half-Day Workshop -
Scaling A Circular Fashion Economy

What are the leading trends and innovations in the world of circular fashion, and what will it take to bring these strategies to scale?

It’s no secret that the fashion industry has an environmental problem: The global fashion industry accounts for 10 percent of global carbon emissions, and 20 percent of wastewater and relies on 98 million tons of non-renewable resources each year. And this is to say nothing of the dwindling life cycle of clothing and the resulting waste of millions of tons of textile waste each year in landfills. The need for urgent action is clear.

This workshop will support leaders in the Textile & Apparel industry to fully transition to circular economy systems, through existing actionable solutions with recommendations and links to providers plus create opportunities to communicate the circular progress to customers.

This half-day thematic workshop will provide pathways for the Textile & Apparel businesses to create their own Product Stewardship Scheme. Attendees will map how to implement a Product Stewardship structure, changes to supply chains and timeframes plus how to communicate this to your customers.

The course leader will share existing and upcoming solutions for circular design resource recovery including repurposing into new remanufactured circular material streams plus data collection and links to a Smart Materials Passport via RFiD Thread.


Together we’ll explore what it will take to redesign the T&A industry of today