Conferences & Summits

Global Smart Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Forum

The "Global Smart Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 Forum," - a event that showcases cutting-edge manufacturing case studies, explores enterprise transformation, and highlights future innovations. With a site tour on the third day, this forum offers invaluable insights into Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0, where industry leaders share strategies, trends, and real-world examples. Join us in Dubai for an opportunity to connect, learn, and network with renowned experts, gaining valuable insights about manufacturing landscape.

Annual Circular Economy & Sustainability Forum

The Annual Circular Economy & Sustainability Forum, a paramount gathering of global leaders committed to advancing circularity, carbon emissions reduction, net-zero initiatives, carbon credits utilization, and sustainable manufacturing practices. This event serves as a beacon for innovators, fostering ideation and showcasing sustainable practices from concept to execution. Join us as we explore the latest trends and strategies, uniting thought leaders in a shared mission to drive sustainability.

Digital Audit & Fraud Analytics

Digital Audit & Fraud Analytics is our annual event, where delegates delve into emerging trends and risks, with a focus on the escalating threat of cybercrime. Gain invaluable insights into navigating the challenges of the digital audit and fraud landscape, addressing pressing matters within the Internal Audit function. Our conference illuminates best practices for mitigating emerging threats, managing change, and fostering value creation. Through practical ideas, case studies, and success stories, we equip you to master the complexities of today's digital audit and fraud environment.

Annual Global HR Excellence Conference

The Annual Global HR Excellence Conference for a paradigm shift in HR practices, tailored to meet the diverse demands of the evolving workplace. In this digital era, HR technology takes center stage, but true differentiation lies in harnessing this tech to optimize workforce potential. We spotlight the digitization &strategic management of human assets, productive workspaces. Our high-calibre content draws solution-oriented decision-makers, fostering collaborations.

Global Impact Investor Summit

Global Impact Investor Summit is our exclusive event, where private market investors converge to address global social and environmental challenges through impactful investments. From generalists to specialists, this event spotlights top-tier impact managers and engaged institutional investors. Discover cutting-edge strategies to drive positive change while delivering competitive returns. Join us to explore the latest trends and opportunities in impact investing, charting a course towards a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Global Infrastructure & Project Financing

Global Infrastructure & Project Financing conference unites public and private sector leaders regionwide. Together, we'll delve into vital investments for transformative infrastructure. Discover opportunities and innovative financing solutions to bridge the current funding gap. Join top stakeholders to shape the future of infrastructure development, embracing the latest trends and paving the way for essential structural change. Your participation is key to driving sustainable progres.